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    Duel Lucky

    I need to learn about Pendulum summoning. Getting new cards this weekend!

    Re: Duel Lucky's Pulls

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    ...And we didn't get it wrong. It is still embarrassing that our division is being lead by a team with a 4-4 record, but with three home games on the

    Re: Official NFL Topic

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    So we suffer our first loss of the season and it is due to another oddity of scrambling that these weaker teams have been doing versus us. Granted, that

    Re: Juventus F.C. 2014-15

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    I would only run one of the Dragard/HAD play, especially if you are running HAD since it can be tutored via Redox. You only need two Rank 8 plays for

    Re: Mythic Plant Rulers

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    Broke cards do not get banned by proxy, get it right. The card is not what you make it, and this deck is far from balanced. You must have been doing this

    Re: 903 - The Secret of Evolution

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